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The Franklin Club of Boston was started in 2004 by a group of friends who wanted a reason to meet in the Boston area once a month for dinner to discuss  innovative ideas, hot trends and potential opportunities to capitalize on in an ever changing environment .  What started out as a casual meeting of friends has grown into a powerful networking group where experienced professionals and business leaders connect to cultivate relationships and ideas, expand knowledge and  capitalize on exciting opportunities.  Quite simply,  the Franklin Club of Boston is where innovative ideas and entrepreneurial business leaders connect  to create value.

The club was named after Benjamin Franklin. In 1727, Benjamin Franklin convinced 12 of his friends to form a club dedicated to mutual improvement. Meeting one night a week, these young men discussed the topics of the day. The group lasted for 40 years and eventually became the nucleus of the American Philosophical Society.

It is only fitting that today the Franklin Club of Boston is dedicated to helping entrepreneurial business leaders make critical connections with the people and resources necessary to move their ideas and businesses ahead in any and all challenging environments.  Industry leading professionals from all areas of expertise like information technology, finance, engineering and sales/marketing can engage in lively interactive discussion to formulate strategies and approaches to solve business problems in creative and collaborative ways and move forward productively.

Come join us at our meetings, which are open to the public!  And enjoy cultivating ideas and creating lasting relationships that make a difference! 



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